The Company for Radioprotective Innovation

There are more than 91 Million CT scans conducted in the United States each year. It is necessary but it can cause irreparable harm.


F3 brings existing radioprotective and cytoprotective science to market in new and meaningful ways.

Our biopharmaceutical platform represents exciting current and future solutions to critical health issues related to diagnostic radiation exposure.

AmiGuard CT™* (amifostine) is the first investigational drug to protect patients from the damaging effects of diagnostic radiation

Diagnostic CT scans have provided tremendous health benefits to patients however, the radiation doses can cause potential long term health consequences.

Creating the world’s leading biopharmaceutical platform for cytoprotectants and radioprotectants to address a significant unmet medical need; protecting from the radiation of nearly 91.4 million annual CT scans in the U.S. alone.

*AmiGuard CT™ is not approved in any region.